Friday 10 May 2013

The government has today published the long awaited Care Bill aimed at bringing together more than a dozen separate pieces of legislation into one single law and addressing the issues of those having to sell their homes to pay for care, to better integrate care services, and drive up standards.


Tim Pethick, Managing Director of Saga Magazine said "Needing care is simply something that many people in the UK don't make plans for, but when someone's health deteriorates it's often a crisis decision to try and get help and find a way to pay for it.  The measures outlined in today's care bill do, at least, give some reassurance to those that have worked hard throughout their lives to save and purchase their own properties that they won't be punished for the austerity by having their assets eroded to pay for care.

"We also welcome the fact that any increases to the cap will be linked to average earnings, as opposed to the higher measure of inflation, so whilst the finish line (the cap) will move further away, the gap will continually be narrowing. 

"In addition, the Care Bill will be welcomed by many family carers that, at last, feel they have had their invaluable roles supported by government by giving them further rights to seek help and support."

However, whilst many measures in the new Care Bill will be welcomed, it comes at a cost, and one that many local authorities are struggling to support.

Tim Pethick continues "With an aging population, getting this right is a must for any party, but how we pay for it will always be a political hot potato.  Publishing this bill will bring welcome relief to many, but until it's clarified in the summer's spending review how these increased measures will be implemented, many will fear that the eligibility levels will just be increased to 'rob Peter to pay Paul'!”


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