Saga shaking up legal services - law for people not for lawyers

Tuesday 5 November 2013

- Saga Law granted full authorisation by Solicitors Regulatory Authority - Saga legal service - value for money, no jargon, customer oriented with fixed fee and good value conveyancing, will writing, power of attorney and probate

Saga shaking up legal services - law for people not for lawyers

Saga is pleased to announce that Saga Law has today been granted an alternative business structure (ABS) licence by the Solicitors’ Regulation Authority (SRA), to operate its own legal services business.  Saga Law is a joint venture between Saga and Parabis Law LLP and will begin trading in 2014.

This time last year Saga launched a new range of Saga branded legal services in England and Wales provided by law firm Parabis, who have provided legal services on behalf of Saga for the last 10 years.  The creation of Saga Law now gives scope for Saga to provide it's wider range of legal services under the one firm in the future.

Saga’s entry into this market was driven by the pressing need to make legal services more focussed on the needs of customers.  A survey of 9,229, over 50s found at a time of national austerity people have concerns about spiralling solicitors’ bills, being bamboozled by jargon and poor value for money.  In particular:

  • 81% of over 50s would like to see fixed prices offered at the outset, rather than an hourly rate for an uncertain number of hours worked;  
  • 66% wanted letters and documents to be written in plain English rather than legal jargon;
  • 60% said solicitors and other providers of legal services should offer more value for money; and,
  • a third (33%) think that they should have more regular updates.


Saga has listened to the concerns the over 50s have with legal services and aims to fill a gap in the market for the provision of a range of legal services based on value, certainty of cost, accessibility and excellence in customer service.  

Roger Ramsden, Chief Executive, Saga Services, commented:

“A shake up to legal services is long overdue.  Currently the market appears to be stacked in favour of the provider rather than the consumer.  We aim to change things so we have created a legal service with customers in mind not the convenience of lawyers.  The granting of a licence to Saga Law is a further step along the path of Saga revolutionising legal services in the UK."

"People want legal advice and products at a price they understand, can afford and that is agreed in advance.  They want a clearer idea of what it is they are paying for; legal issues are complicated and the jargon used by the industry prevents many people from understanding the process.  Finally, they want a decent service, all too often customers have to chase solicitors for action and updates and this shouldn’t be the case.  It is our intention to address those needs and to make legal services more accessible and affordable to a great many more people."


Notes to editors:
Saga Legal Services and online legal documents are currently only available for use in England and Wales
Populus surveyed 9229 adults over 50 between 22nd and 28th June 2012

Saga Legal Solutions offers services such as Will writing, power of attorney, conveyancing and probate at fair and affordable fixed prices, agreed at the outset.  Conveyancing is charged at a flat rate for all, rather than based on the value of the property bought or sold and probate fees depend on the complexity of the estate rather than the value, saving considerable sums for those who have benefitted from the rise in house prices over the decades, but have relatively simple financial affairs. 

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