Alan Milburn bonkers and playing politics of envy says Saga

Thursday 17 October 2013

In response to Alan Milburn’s suggestion that benefits for pensioners should be cut to pay for a higher minimum wage, Paul Green, director of communications for Saga said; “Alan Milburn appears to be a bit bonkers and is barking up the wrong tree. Playing the politics of envy is not way to create a cohesive society. Young people are not poorer because their parents have worked hard and are richer.

Alan Milburn bonkers and playing politics of envy says Saga

“Pensioners may have paid off their mortgages, but they have fewer opportunities to earn more and change their financial circumstances than others in society. 


“What young people need is work and a simple and effective measure the Government could take is to stop the jobs tax on younger workers.  If the Government abolished employers national insurance for the under 20s it would benefit employers by some £200m; and cutting it by half for the under 25s would save around a billion.  A real fillip for British businesses who do the right thing and take on and train the nation’s young men and women.


“Enterprise is the only sustainable cure-all for youth unemployment.”



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