Hospital food is a long-running joke, says Saga

Friday 29 August 2014

Commenting on news that NHS hospitals will soon have to serve a better standard of food to patients, Saga’s director of communications, Paul Green, said:

Hospital food is a long-running joke, says Saga

“The quality of hospital food is the longest-running joke in British public life and negativity about it has been simmering for decades.

“The over 50s are arguably the biggest users of the NHS and have regularly reported their concerns to us.

“Our research amongst 6,000 over 50s last year revealed that of those who’ve stayed in an NHS hospital almost a third (29%) labelled the cuisine 'poor'.

"In the same poll, 70% of over 50s say that good, nutritious hospital food is important to them.

This contrasted with 83% of those who stayed in a private hospital describing the food they received as 'good'.

"It's about time the NHS raised their game, and delivered a premier and appetising service."


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