Older voters demand English votes for English laws

Tuesday 16 December 2014

• Three quarters of UK over 50s want English votes for English issues • Two thirds of Scots think their MPs should be excluded from voting in Westminster on issues devolved to the Scottish Parliament

Older voters demand English votes for English laws

New research amongst more than 10,000 over 50s reveals overwhelming support for the concept of 'English votes for English laws'.  More than three quarters (76%) of our respondents supported the view that Welsh, Northern Irish and Scottish MPs should be excluded from voting in Westminster on matters affecting England where those matters have been devolved to their respective assemblies.

Perhaps more surprising is the level of support from Scottish voters.  Prior to the referendum some 59% of those living in Scotland supported the principle; this has increased to almost two thirds (64%).  This figure is now broadly similar to those living in Wales where 65% agreed. 

Saga’s Paul Green commented “The research indicates that an overwhelming majority of the nation’s elders in all four parts of the Kingdom believe that if an issue has been devolved to a Parliament or Assembly, then it is not right for MPs from that region to vote in Westminster on issues that will have no impact on their constituents.  Interestingly, since the Scottish Independence referendum, the numbers that agree with this principle within Scotland have increased."


Populus interviewed 10,176 Saga customers, all aged 50+ online between 17th and 23rd October 2014.

For further information or a full copy of the data please contact Lisa.harris@saga.co.uk or call 01303 774716.

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