Millions shut out of doctors’ surgeries - Saga responds

Monday 28 July 2014

Responding to news that GP surgeries have refused appointments to patients 40 million times this year, Saga director of communications Paul Green commented: “The figures are jaw-dropping. So many people, but especially the elderly, depend on a friendly GP as their first point of contact with the health service when they feel unwell.

Millions shut out of doctors’ surgeries - Saga responds

"But if an appointment’s not available, their health and peace of mind can suffer. It’s worrying is that many deadly conditions could be missed if patients don’t get an appointment when they need it.

“The statistics mirror research done with more than 11,000 of our customers earlier this year. It shows that the over 50s find it twice as hard now to book a GP appointment, compared to five years ago. One in five told us that they have to wait more than a week to see their GP.

“We’ve recognised that people are finding it hard to speak to their doctors. That’s why we introduced a 24-hour, GP telephone consultation service for Saga Health Insurance customers.”



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