Nick Clegg's announcement will be received with scepticism by carers

Thursday 3 July 2014

"Whilst it is heartening that Nick Clegg has pledged to give carers a break, the announcement will be greeted with some scepticism by some of the nation’s carers" said Paul Green on behalf of the Saga Respite for Carers Trust.

Nick Clegg's announcement will be received with scepticism by carers

"In 2010 the government promised £400m for carers, to let them take a much-needed break, money the government argued would allow family carers to maintain their own health while continuing to provide care for loved ones. However, the failure to ring-fence the funding meant that very few local authorities used the funds for this purpose and many carers continued to put their own health and wellbeing at risk.


"Britain's 6 million family carers provide billions of pounds worth of care for loved ones that the state would otherwise have to fund from the social care budget. Providing support and respite, that enables family carers to carry on caring, is essential for their own health and wellbeing and it makes sound economic sense as well. Saga is calling for all Parties to adopt carer-friendly policies. Supporting family carers is common sense, common decency and should have cross-Party support. Carers need action not just rhetoric."


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