Saga urges 50-year-old Bojo to let his hair down

Friday 20 June 2014

As Boris Johnson reached his landmark 50th birthday this week, over-50s specialist Saga urges the London Mayor to finally let his hair down.

Saga urges 50-year-old Bojo to let his hair down

Saga’s director of communications Paul Green commented: “Reaching 50 is the beginning of a new era for many as they are healthy, wealthy and wise. Now he’s reached 50, perhaps Boris should stop taking life too seriously.

“So many people reach this age and think ‘I’ve earned the right to have some fun’, sometimes they book an adventure holiday, buy that dream car they’ve always wanted, or simply let their hair down.

“Boris has every right to shake off his stuffy image and do something a little wild. Maybe now we'll finally start to see a bit of his outlandish side.”


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