Saga responds to Francis Maude's pensioners should be online comment

Wednesday 11 June 2014

Commenting on Francis Maude's statement that all pensioners should be online to access services, Saga's Lisa Harris said:

Saga responds to Francis Maude's pensioners should be online comment

"Being digitally engaged is often less about age and more about choice. Older consumers are the largest growing group of internet users, and the large majority of our customers are increasingly happy to interact online.

"However it is somewhat disingenuous to assume that everybody wants to be online. Recent research shows that the vast majority of those that are not on the internet, have made a conscious choice not to be.

To say that all 'pensioners should be online to access services', and all they need is a little mollycoddling is somewhat patronising. Government needs to ensure that people have proper protection online, such as ensuring banks and financial institutions treat those who make genuine mistakes fairly, but also provide help and advice for those that want it.

"However, choice has to be at the forefront of any developments, it is essential that people are able to deal with public services in a way that suits them. The digital tide is certainly turning, but Government need to ensure we can all ride the technology wave and not leave some left to drown unaided because they don't choose to 'conform'."



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