Saga comments on plans to raise driving licence renewal age limit

Monday 3 March 2014

Commenting on proposals to raise to 80 the age at which drivers have to provide a medical declaration, Paul Green, director of communications for over 50s group Saga said:

Saga comments on plans to raise driving licence renewal age limit

"Older drivers will give this three cheers - it is a welcome and common sense move.  Older drivers tend to know their limits and drive accordingly making them safe on the road.

Indeed, the DVLA report recognises that older drivers are the safest drivers on the road as they conclude that this "could be introduced with little or no impact on road safety."

The fact is that older drivers are safer than younger drivers - those over seventy make up 9% of motorists, yet are involved in just 6% of accidents.  Sadly, younger drivers are 4.6 times more likely to be involved in an accident involving casualties.

The requirement for a medical declaration at 70 was introduced 38 years ago and much has changed since then with Britons living longer, healthier lives; motoring is safer; and, society no longer accepts discrimination based solely on age.

If we want to improve road safety then there ought to me a greater focus on training and support for younger drivers who are by far and away the most at risk to themselves and to others and perhaps also more retesting or training after motoring misdemeanours."


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