Is your case full of surprises?

Monday 19 May 2014

• 5 million over 50s don't pack their own bag • Third of men admit other half does packing

Is your case full of surprises?

Bank holidays are a peak time for travellers – either for booking your holidays or actually getting away.   Whether you’re taking a loved one away for a surprise bank holiday break, or using the opportunity to get away for slightly longer, British couples over 50 should take note.

When going on holiday, 78% of holidaymakers pack their own suitcase, but nearly 5 million over 50s leave it to their other half to sort out what needs taking.

A Saga Travel poll* of more than 9,500 customers found that almost a third of men in the poll (29%) admitted that their partner packs their bags. But just 3% of women said that their other half does the honours.

Of those who have had their suitcases packed by someone else, 22% admitted this to airport staff when asked if they had packed their own suitcase. Males are slightly more likely to have done so than females (22% vs. 18% respectively).

Helen Adamson, Director of Saga Travel, commented: “The over 50s seem to trust their partners implicitly to shoe horn in all the right things when travelling abroad.  But, not packing your own bag could lead to a suitcase full of surprises when you arrive on holiday. You could delve into your bag to pluck out your dancing shoes and find just your flip flops instead.

But on a more serious note, not knowing what is in your bag might cause you problems if it gets lost in transit and you have to make a claim.  So people should make a list of contents before they travel just in case the worst happens."

Saga’s holidays and cruises include travel insurance (subject to medical screening) and offers cover of up to £1,500 for lost, stolen or damaged baggage on European and Long haul holidays (£750 UK holidays) and up to £2,500 on ocean cruises.  This means you’re not left out of pocket should the worst happen.”

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Notes to Editors:

*Populus interviewed 9,557 Saga customers, all aged 50+, online between 13th and 27th February 2014. Populus is a member of the British Polling Council and abides by its rules

Saga Travel Included Insurance
Wide ranging cover includes:
Cover for most pre-existing medical conditions
Up to £5 million emergency medical cover, which can pay for your return home, if necessary (£10,000 UK holidays) Curtailment cover – up to £3,000 for UK holidays, up to £7,500 for overseas holidays and river cruises, up to £10,000 for European ocean cruises, up to £10,000 for European ocean cruises and up to £50,000 for worldwide ocean cruises. Up to £1,500 for lost, stolen or damaged baggage on European and Long haul holidays, £750 on UK holidays and up to £2,500 on ocean cruises. 24-hour English-speaking travel assistance helpline for advice before and while you are away. Plus, we have no upper age limit.

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