Saga stylistas create their own style

Thursday 20 November 2014

Commenting on today's report that shows that mature women are being ignored on the high street, Saga magazine editor, Katy Bravery says that 'for such a trendsetting industry, their views are outdated and out of touch'

Saga stylistas create their own style

'This interesting survey will come as no surprise to any woman over 50. For years mature women have rolled their eyes at the fashion world’s slavish appeal to youth, though I do feel attitudes are starting to change. That’s probably fuelled partly by the fact that older consumers are the ones with the money to spend on looking good and partly by some great icons like Helen Mirren blasting through tired old preconceptions.

‘Our December issue, out next week, features some amazing, inspirational readers who we’ve called our ‘Saga Stylistas’ – women who dress with style and attitude at any age, and that’s what it’s all about. You can be as confident, sexy, sparkling and cool as you like: we become freer as we age. One woman says she dresses to show her grandchildren that growing older is OK – joyfully as an act of defiance against assumptions
of what older people should wear. Another says: ‘I don’t feel my age, I feel my dress size’. Another, who is 70, loves the fact her grandchildren boast about their granny's purple hair and lively style. That’s just fab and I hope fashion advertisers, retailers and designers read our Stylistas’ bubbly, life-enhancing words and start to realise the world has moved on.

'Ironically for such a trendsetting business, it seems to be that the fashion world itself is now looking out of touch and irrelevant with its dated attitudes.’


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