Over 50s harmonious holiday decisions

Monday 15 September 2014

Saga’s latest poll of more than 10,000 over 50s found that for couples planning a holiday, whilst a number of different factors will be taken into account, the final choices are harmoniously made.

Making a choice about where to go, how long to stay and the package type, were mostly joint decisions according to 80% of people.   Surprisingly, 60% of couples said they shared packing responsibilities and almost 70% said they agreed and made payment together.  

Where only one person made the decisions, the ladies came out on top.  Nearly 20% had the final say on destination, duration and package type and 32% of men left their significant others to make sure they had packed the right items of clothing. 
The gents are then left with the other practical tasks.  Over a third of men meet the bill for the cost of the holiday and over 50% were also left to buy the travel insurance and currency without consulting their partner.  Men also took the driving seat to ensure they reached their departure point - only 7% of ladies choose to drive. Over a quarter of respondents made alternative transport arrangements.  
Louis Myers, Saga’s travel expert, said:
“Taking a holiday with a loved one involves a lot of joint-decision making - from choosing your tour operator or travel agent, to the destination itself and the amount of time you’ll be spending away.  And unless you are taking your spouse or partner away on a surprise break, it is only right that the decisions are shared.  
Typically, only one person is responsible for obtaining insurance cover, and there is the potential you could find yourselves coming unstuck if not everything has been taken into account.  Two heads are better than one to make sure you are both happy with the level of cover and have made the right declarations.”
Of course – a holiday or cruise with Saga comes with the added benefit of included insurance cover as standard, subject to medical screening, to ensure that when you are travelling abroad, you have the right protection in place.


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