Scent-sational charity boost

Tuesday 2 September 2014

Saga Cruises take delivery of 100,000th bathroom product

Scent-sational charity boost

CLARITY, the charity which manufactures luxury toiletries, has been celebrating the delivery of its
100,000th Citras bathroom product to Saga cruise ships.

A set of five 200ml Citras toiletries and a hand soap are placed in each cabin at the beginning of every Saga Sapphire and Saga Pearl II cruise.

Saga’s hotel operations director Ross Furlong was responsible for introducing the bespoke Citras bath set for passengers to enjoy and invited some of the CLARITY team on board Saga Sapphire while the ship was in Dover to celebrate the milestone.

Passengers tend to spend an average of two weeks’ holiday on a ship and Ross wanted to explore the idea of supplying bigger bottles of luxury toiletries for customers. He said: “We did not want those throwaway-style 40g shower gels or lotions in the cabins - they are fiddly, always having to be replaced and there’s an issue with waste.

“We looked at several companies and came across CLARITY, who not only make great products but also enabled Saga to support a most worthwhile cause.

“CLARITY helps visually impaired and disabled people to achieve a greater degree of independence – many of their staff might otherwise be unable to work or support themselves and their families.

“I see it as an extension of the Saga Charitable Trust’s social and ethical remit.” Ross put CLARITY to the test from the start. He said: “I gave CLARITY  a list of questions:
“Could they supply larger bottles to last a fortnight and they said ‘yes’.
“Could they produce a bespoke luxury product for our discerning passengers and they said ‘yes’.
“Could they create a fragrance to suit men and women and they said ‘yes’.”

With the basics covered, Ross visited CLARITY’s north London headquarters in Highams Park and met the organisation’s chemist who devised several fresh, citrus-based fragrances for Saga.

Ross said: “We chose a name, the fragrances and an elegant packaging with a simple flip-top lid.

“Citras is a range that our passengers appreciate because it suits both sexes. The shampoo and conditioner contain sweet mandarin and grapefruit with extract of jasmine; the shower gel is green tea and oolang with extract of cedar and there’s a summer dew anti-bacterial hand wash with extract of apple; an argan oil hand and body lotion, plus a Sicilian lemon soap bar. What is there not to like about them?”
“The products are so popular that we now sell the guest pack in our on board shops.
 “We actually hope other cruise lines follow suit. It’s a win-win situation.”

To celebrate CLARITY’S 100,000th product delivery to Saga, three members of the 117-strong CLARITY team travelled to Dover to meet Saga Sapphire.

CLARITY’s business development manager John Stutchfield said:  “Everything about this business arrangement is a great fit. Saga provides 49 days’ employment a year for CLARITY, giving disadvantaged people greater opportunities to lead a better life.

“By creating quality products, we do not ask for money but earn money.”


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