Saga welcomes the changes to Air Passenger Duty

Wednesday 1 April 2015

From 1 April, the Air Passenger Duty (APD) bands 'C' (affecting people travelling over 4,000 miles), and band 'D' (affecting journeys over 6,000 miles) have been abolished.

Saga welcomes the changes to Air Passenger Duty

This is in addition to a further reform which will happen on 1 May, when children under 12 will no longer have to pay APD and those under 16 will be exempt from March 2016.

Whilst the Treasury said the measure was designed to help boost trade with emerging economic countries like China and Brazil, this is also great news for holidaymakers.

However, passengers in band B (2,000 to 4,000 miles) will see APD rise from £69 to £71

Saga Travel's Louis Myers said:

"Scrapping Air Passenger Duty bands C and D will be of great benefit to families - both parents and grandparents, many of whom pay for family holidays - who want to travel further afield. This, coupled with the other reforms means that holidaymakers will now start to see savings - but we still firmly believe abolishing this tax on travellers is the right thing to do and reiterate our call on the government to take sensible decisions sooner rather than later."


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