Saga increases cover for customers over Christmas

Tuesday 8 December 2015

• Saga reveals most common claims during the winter • Saga home and motor customers benefit from extra cover in December

Saga increases cover for customers over Christmas

No matter how well prepared some people are for Christmas it seems there are some things that even the best boy scout can’t prepare for during winter, as Saga reveals the most common home and car insurance claims over the festive period.

Analysis of Saga Home Insurance claims data shows the most common claims people make over the festive period are for accidental damage, escape of water, often caused by freezing pipes, and theft. The average cost for these types of claims over the winter are:

1. Accidental damage - £670
2. Escape of water - £3,380
3. Theft - £2,911

In fact, during the winter the average cost of a home contents claim  rises by almost £400 and claims for escape of water increases by around 45%*. Saga also sees an increase in claims for spoiled food over December which costs around £160 each time on average. This could be because people have more food in the home at Christmas and are more likely to suffer from power cuts caused by bad weather during the winter months. 

The over 50s’ homes are usually bursting with family over the festive period as grown up kids will flood back to the family home with their children to celebrate Christmas. With this number of people enjoying the festive cheer it is no wonder that a quarter have had people spill drinks on the carpets or furniture during the festivities.** 

Furthermore, people spoil their loved ones at Christmas and the over 50s are no exception. In fact, Saga recognises that its customers are the generous generation and often have lots of presents for their family and friends in the home leading up to Christmas Day. This is why Saga Home Insurance increases contents cover by 10% during December.

However, for those who have either been to the shops to buy presents or are delivering gifts by car, Saga Car Insurance offers £2,000 of cover for personal belongings during December so customers have peace of mind that personal belongings, including gifts, are covered.

Saga offers the following tips to protect their home and belongings over the festive period:

1. Don’t leave empty packaging from presents outside the home on or after Christmas day. People will be keen to keep the house tidy over the festive period especially as family or friends might be visiting. But leaving boxes outside the home, or over spilling from bins, lets opportunistic thieves know what you have got inside the home.

2. If you are going away over Christmas it is a good idea to put a timer on your lights so that people think you are in. Furthermore, if you are going away keep the heating on low to stop pipes from bursting.

3. If you are delivering your Christmas presents this year and need to stop for a comfort break, or cup of coffee, don’t leave things on the back seat or in clear sight of passers-by. While Saga Car Insurance customers are covered if presents are stolen out of the car you don’t want to turn up empty handed at Christmas – especially if you are visiting grandchildren.

Sue Green from Saga, commented: “The most well thought out Christmas plans can go down the drain if a pipe leaks, the freezer breaks or someone steals presents from the car boot if you’ve stopped for a well-needed coffee after a shopping trip.

“We know that as well prepared as our customers are there are some things that even they can’t foresee, which is why we give them that extra bit of cover during December. This gives people the peace of mind that the extra things they have either in their home or on them whilst they’re out and about are covered over the festive period.”


Notes to Editors:
*According to analysis of Saga Home Insurance between 2000 and 2015
*** Populus interviewed 9,513 aged 50 and over online between 18th and 24th November 2015. Results have been weighted to be representative of all GB adults. Populus is a member of the British Polling Council and abides by its rules. For more information visit

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