I did it my way planned my funeral of course

Monday 2 February 2015

• A quarter say they have considered an unusual send off • Over half will have lively music played • Two-fifths will choose a cardboard coffin

I did it my way (planned my funeral, of course)

Saga’s latest poll shows that a quarter of over 50s would like an unusual send off when the time comes and the results conclude that non-religious orders of service were the most popular ways to formally say goodbye.

Of those surveyed who said they wanted an unusual funeral, choosing a coffin made of alternative materials, including cardboard or something else, was the top option for 65% and almost one in ten want to have pictures on their coffin.  For those wishing to be cremated, over a third said they wanted their ashes scattered on a football ground, landmark or favourite location. 

Almost 1.9 million* over 50s would choose a humanist or another non-religious service, with a further 4% of respondents saying they would like a fancy-dressed themed send off.  Over half of the panel would like lively music played and Queen’s, Another One Bites the Dust, is the song of choice for almost a fifth of respondents who would like something a little different.

At a time when the average cost of a funeral in the UK is £3,950, thinking about setting aside some money and planning a funeral is important.  Research by Saga Life Insurance shows that people who take out a Life Insurance policy will use the money to contribute to funeral expenses. 

Saga Guaranteed Life Insurance pays out a fixed cash lump sum when you die, providing you have held the policy for one year.  Saga has teamed up with Golden Charter, the UK’s largest independent funeral plan provider, to enable you to use the proceeds of your Guaranteed Life Insurance plan towards your funeral costs. And by taking the Funeral Benefit, the appointed funeral director will contribute an additional £250 towards your funeral expenses.

Jeff Bromage, chief operating officer, Saga Personal Finance, commented:

“Planning for the inevitable should be straight-forward and stress-free and it is important to think about the arrangements you’d like made for your funeral.  By taking a Saga Guaranteed Life Insurance policy, we will work with your loved ones to ensure your wishes can be carried out financially and the costs are covered without additional worry.”



Populus interviewed 8,696 Saga customers, all aged 50+, online between 14 and 20 November 2014. Populus is a member of the British Polling Council and abides by its rules; for more information see www.populus.co.uk.

*There are approximately 21 million over 50s in the UK.  Of those polled, 25% said they wanted an unusual service (2,156), 37% wanted a humanist service, equating to 9% of the overall total.  Therefore, 9% of 21 million equates to 1.9 million.


Saga Guaranteed Life Insurance is provided by Pru Protect.

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