Unearth Saga's treasure trove of archaeology tours

Monday 16 February 2015

Step back in time amid the preserved ruins of Herculaneum in Italy, soak up the atmosphere of Rhodes to uncover the legacy of the Knights of St John or see Tunisia’s priceless treasures in Dougga and Carthage. These are just a few of the archaeology holidays tailor-made for Saga guests with an interest in past civilisations. Expert guides host these fascinating journeys which include visits to key sites and talks that bring history to life. There’s an exceptional choice of destinations - here is just a sample:

Unearth Saga’s treasure trove of archaeology tours

Malta's Ancient Legacies

Trace the island’s history from prehistoric times to Roman rule by exploring prehistoric sites, museums and monuments. Stay at the Coastline Hotel (4Q), in St Paul’s, for seven nights on an all-inclusive basis and join eight excursions. They include The Temples of Tarxien; the National Museum of Archaeology; the UNESCO-listed Hypogeum - a subterranean temple and necropolis which was discovered in 1902, and Ghar Dalam Cave which has evidence of human occupation when settlers from Sicily arrived in 5200 BC.

Seven nights from £929, departing London Gatwick, Heathrow, Birmingham, Bristol, Cardiff, Exeter, Glasgow, Manchester, Newcastle, Norwich in April and October 2015.

Pompeii and Ancient Italy

No archaeology programme would be complete without including Pompeii and Ancient Italy. Saga guests stay on an all-inclusive basis in the Grand Hotel Moon Valley in Sorrento, Italy. From this delightful hilltop hotel explore Pompeii, Herculaneum, Phlegrean Fields and Paestum.

Seven nights from £999 departing London Gatwick from March to May and September to October 2015

Crete and the Minoan Culture for solo travellers

The island has a rich heritage of Minoan, Greek, Roman, Venetian and Ottoman influences and this tour, exclusively for solo travellers, includes visits to the remains of the Doric city of Górtyn and the ancient city of Phaistos; the most complete excavation of a Minoan town at Gournia; the ruins of the ancient Greek city of Lato and a tour Heraklion.

Seven nights, all-inclusive from £988, departing from Manchester Airport on October 6

Archaeology of Sicily

Uncover ancient treasures and discover the Greek and Roman legacies on an island that is steeped in culture. Tour Ragusa and its archaeology museum; hop aboard a ferry to Mozia to visit the ruins of the Phoenician city; marvel at Taormina and its amphitheatre, a city with view of Mount Etna that dates to the time of Dionysius around 400BC.

12 nights from £1399, departing London Gatwick on October 8 and Nov 19, 2015

Tunisia's Ancient Treasures

Retrace Tunisia's history on this escorted tour to explore the legacies of the Phoenicians and Romans. Visit magnificent amphitheatres and ancient cities including the arena of El Djem, Dougga and Carthage. Spend four nights at the El Mouradi Hotel in Gammarth, three nights at the Palm Beach Palace, Tozeur and three nights at El Mouradi Palm Marina in Sousse.

10 nights from £1,069, departing London Heathrow on October 20, 2015

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