Saga sees 60% increase in claims in the last week due to bad weather

Monday 19 January 2015

• Majority of claims from Scotland and the North East • Flying dog one of the strangest reported incidents

Saga sees 60% increase in claims in the last week due to bad weather

Saga Home Insurance has reported a 60% increase in the number of claims received in the last week, with the majority of claims coming from customers in Scotland and the North East.  Windows being smashed by fallen debris and lifted tiles make up the majority of claims, however Saga says it has had a number of claims caused by fallen trees.

The most unusual incident reported so far has been a kennel flying into a neighbours garden, with its resident Jack Russell still inside!

Paul Green from Saga commented: “Like Tonto in the wizard of Oz our Toto was found feeling ruff in Inverness, but he is now fine.  The windy weather has certainly been impacting a number of customers in Northern parts of the UK, however they seem to be have been taking things in their stride – one customer in his 70s from Scotland told us that he had already been up on his roof to secure it with a tarpaulin before calling us to make a claim!”

Saga acts on predictions of severe weather and tailors staff numbers to ensure that customers receive the best level of service when calling to make a claim.


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