Travel cover for people on waiting lists – just what the doctor ordered

Monday 26 January 2015

• Saga Travel Insurance now covers travellers on hospital waiting lists • Cover offered as long as UK GP declares customer fit to travel • Over-50s specialist Saga one of the few providers to offer cover for those awaiting treatment

Travel cover for people on waiting lists – just what the doctor ordered

Too many over 50s are currently unable to get travel insurance cover as they are on a waiting list for medical treatment, but Saga appreciates that many over 50s awaiting treatment are still perfectly able to go on holiday, which is why it now offers travel insurance to customers on hospital waiting lists as long as their GP says they’re fit to travel.

Saga knows that as people grow older they are more likely to pick up a medical condition or two along the way.  Typically a Saga Travel customer has 1.5 pre-existing conditions and this change means Saga can offer cover to a wider range of customers.

The change means those on a waiting list will be covered under all sections of the policy, with the exceptions of abandonment and cancellation for anything linked to the condition they are awaiting treatment for. They need to have been diagnosed and not still under investigation for cover to apply.

Saga’s comprehensive cover includes benefits such as: cover for many pre-existing medical conditions and up to £10 million emergency medical cover. Also, there’s no upper age limit for Saga Travel Insurance, so many more travellers can now take out cover and feel reassured that things will be put right, should the worst happen on holiday. 

Roger Ramsden, chief executive, Saga Services, commented: “For some of those awaiting medical treatment a holiday could be just what the Doctor ordered. 

This is excellent news for globetrotters awaiting treatment, we do not see why onerous terms and conditions should prevent people from having a well-earned break if their Doctor feels they are able to.”


Notes to editors
About Saga Travel Insurance
Saga provides cover to travellers who are on a waiting list for in-patient treatment, providing their GP confirms they are fit to travel. Cover will be provided for all sections of the policy, with the exception of Cancellation and Abandonment. Saga will not cover these two sections, should policyholders need to claim as a result of the condition for which they are awaiting treatment.
Which? Recommended Saga Travel Insurance offers wide-ranging cover including:
• Cover for most pre-existing medical conditions
• Up to £10 million emergency medical cover, which can pay for your return home, if necessary
• Up to £10,000 cover (per person, per trip) should you or your travelling companion have to cancel or abandon your trip
• Up to £2,500 for lost, stolen or damaged baggage so you’re not left out of pocket
• 24 hour English-speaking travel assistance helpline for advice before and whilst you are away.
Plus, there is no upper age limit for cover.

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