Delay to the care funding cap will be a bitter blow for those in receipt of care

Friday 17 July 2015

As Government announce that the introduction of the Care Funding Cap is to be delayed by four years, Saga points out that this will be a bitter blow to those in receipt of care.

Delay to the care funding cap will be a bitter blow for those in receipt of care

Alex Edmans, Head of Retirement for Saga commented "Moving the goal posts by delaying the introduction of the care cap will come as a bitter disappointment for those already in receipt of care who will now have to pay an additional four year’s fees before their costs start to count towards the cap - meaning even fewer are likely to reach it within their lifetime.

“The delay is a further indication that Government are not putting enough aside to properly fund our ailing care system and that more people will end up spending significantly more on their care. Whilst the use of an immediate needs annuity could help limit how much of an individual's estate is spent on care, this change makes clear that our care system is in crisis and that paying for care will, in many instances, remain the responsibility of the individual.

“We hope that this time is used to ensure that the reforms are properly funded and individuals already paying towards their care costs are not subject to further delays and crippling care costs."




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