Three quarters support English votes for English laws

Thursday 2 July 2015

• 70% believe public expenditure per head in Scotland should be the same as England • 64% of Scots still believe that the UK should remain united • Three quarters support English Votes for English Laws

Three quarters support English votes for English laws

A poll of 10,991 people aged 50 and over from across the UK has shown that despite the big win for the Scottish National Party in May’s General Election, most people still want Scotland to remain part of the United Kingdom.

Support for Scottish independence amongst the Scots is up 2% since our last poll in August 2014 - from 28% to 30%. However, support for Scottish independence by respondents in England has increased from less than 10% in 2014 to 28% in May 2015.

The Welsh are the most against Scottish independence with just 20% in support.

Asked about future public spending in Scotland 52% of Scots and just 15% of the English thought it should remain as it is at the moment – with the Barnett Formula guaranteeing higher spending per head in Scotland. However, three-quarters of English (74%) and Welsh (76%) respondents thought that spending per head ought to be equalised. Perhaps unsurprisingly this appealed to fewer than a third (27%) of Scots.

The subject of English Votes for English laws is also continuing to divide the nation with three quarters (75%) of those questioned stating that they thought Welsh, Northern Irish and Scottish MPs should be excluded from voting in Westminster on issues which have been devolved to their respective parliaments and assemblies. Further, three in five or those living in Scotland (62%) agreed that this should apply and 58% of those living in Wales supported the principle.

“It appears that despite the increase in support for the Scottish National Party in the recent General Election most want the Union to remain intact but would also like to see fairness when it comes to funding and voting at Westminster.” said Saga’s director of communications Paul Green.



2015 poll - Populus interviewed 10,991 Saga respondents, all aged 50+, online between 19 and 25 May 2015.

2014 poll - Populus interviewed 10,080 Saga customers, all aged 50+, online between 13 and 21 August 2014.

Populus is a member of the British Polling Council and abides by its rules.

Public expenditure data source:

UK average £8,936

England, it was £8,678 (3% below the UK average)

Scotland: £10,275 (15% above the UK average)

Wales: £9,924 (11% above the UK average)

Northern Ireland £10,961 (23% above the UK average)

Source: Public expenditure by country and region

Standard Note: SN/EP/4033

Last updated: 13 March 2015

Author: Matthew Keep

Section: Economic Policy and Statistics Section)

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