Saga comments on calls to improve road safety

Tuesday 15 September 2015

Commenting on the call for action to improve road safety across Britain, Paul Green from Saga said: “The over 50s are some of the most experienced drivers on the roads and they have told us that the condition of their local roads is not good enough.

Saga comments on calls to improve road safety

Over two thirds of drivers over 50 say that their local roads are in a bad state and more than three quarters say that the roads are not as well maintained as they used to be. The apparent cut to spending on improving Britain’s roads can only lead to more accidents.

Over 50s motorists are supportive of the Government’s proposal to increase VED on cars with higher emissions, with 45% saying they think it a good idea, the top three areas they think this money should be spent is on fixing potholes (88%), improving local road networks (73%) and improving main roads and motorways (48%) all of this should help to make Britain’s roads safer.



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