Brexit in the balance as Britains older voters become more Eurosceptic

Monday 11 April 2016

• Nearly one in five still to make their mind up • Nine out of ten over 50s plan to vote in the Referendum

Brexit in the balance as Britain’s older voters become more Eurosceptic

A Saga poll of 8,854 over 50s indicates that support for Brexit is growing.

The latest poll shows that 38.5% would vote for the UK to remain a member of the European Union in June’s Referendum - down from 40% in February. Whereas, support for Brexit now stands at 44.5%, up from 43% in February. However, there is still all to play for, as nearly one in five (17%) have yet to decide how to cast their vote.

Whilst there has been no change in the intention of male respondents, with 48% favouring Leave and 40% Remain; women have become more Eurosceptic - with 37% favouring Remain (down 3% on last month) and 40% supporting Brexit (up 3%). One in eight (13%) men, and one in four (23%) women said they had still to decide how to vote.

The highest support for the UK to remain is amongst socio-economic groups AB (45%) and the lowest is amongst those in groups DE (20%). Conversely the highest support for Brexit is amongst those in socio-economic group C2 - at 57% and lowest amongst the ABs (40%).

Scotland is firmly pro-EU with 55% supporting Remain vs 29% favouring Leave. Other pro EU regions are Northern Ireland (46% vs 39%) and London (44% vs 40%). All other regions have a pro Brexit majority.

Saga’s director of communications Paul Green said:

“Although support for Brexit appears to be growing, with nearly one in five over 50s undecided and more than nine out of ten over 50s planning to take part in the referendum, campaigners will need to win the hearts and minds of the nation’s Saga generations if they want to secure victory in June’s poll.”


Notes to editors:

  • EU voting intentions research carried out by Saga Populus Poll of 8,854 over 50s online between 21st and 28th March 2016.
  • Propensity to vote research carried out by Populus Poll of 2,006, representative of all GB adults online between 11th and 13th September 2015.  93% of the over 50s plan to vote in the referendum, compared to 76% of those aged 18-49.


In Out Don't Know Country
37% 46% 17% England 
42% 42% 16% Wales 
55% 29% 16%  Scotland 
46% 39% 15% Northern Ireland

In Out Don't Know Socio-economic group
45% 40% 15%  AB 
34% 47% 19%  C1 
24% 57% 18%  C2 
20% 56% 25%  DE 

In Out Don't Know Region
44% 40% 16%  London 
36% 47% 17%  South East
36% 47% 17%  South West 
37%  45% 18%  West Midlands 
34%  50% 16%  East Midlands 
37% 45% 18%  North West 
34%  50% 16%  North East 
 37% 45% 18%  Yorkshire 
 36% 47% 17%  East Anglia 

In Out Don't Know Age Group
41% 40% 19%  50 to 59 
39% 44% 17%  60 to 69 
36% 47% 17%  70 to 79 
37% 46% 17%  80 to 89 


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