Over 50s shop for insurance on Christmas Day

Thursday 22 December 2016

Whilst most people will be having a snooze on the sofa after their Christmas dinner, there are some over 50s who see the break as a good opportunity to sort out their finances. Around 500 over 50s got an online insurance quote on Christmas day last year, according to analysis of Saga data.

Perhaps some people bought their loved one a new car for Christmas as the majority of over 50s who visited the Saga website got a car insurance quote. Others were also on Santa’s nice list as they must have been given a holiday as they shopped for travel insurance.

Protecting new iPads, laptops or expensive jewellery was in the forefront of some savvy over 50s minds as they went online to get home insurance quotes. It’s not just the material gifts that people want to keep safe as some people shopped for pet insurance suggesting Father Christmas brought them a puppy or kitten.

Between Christmas and New Year the over 50s get busy planning their 2017 holidays as the they made around a quarter of a million visits to the Saga website looking for a holiday or cruise.

The top trips on the over 50s minds were cruises, getting some sun in Spain and relaxing in the Algarve. However, some over adventurous over 50s set their sights on going further afield as they researched South American cruises and tours of Cuba and South Africa.

Paul Green, director of communications at Saga, commented: “Whilst some people are busy tidying up after Christmas dinner, playing games with the grandchildren or watching TV, there are some who fire up their new iPad and use their downtime to sort out their finances or plan that trip of a lifetime that they’ve always wanted to go on.”  


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