Saga comments on damning DWP report

Monday 11 January 2016

"It is simply untenable that those approaching retirement can be given inaccurate information about their pensions." said Saga's director of communications Paul Green.

Saga comments on damning DWP report

"Most people make significant financial plans based on this information, and if inaccurate could leave them with little to no time to make up for this government information error.

"Many women born in the 50s already feel betrayed by changes that have been poorly communicated and introduced at a galloping pace. This latest information could have a profound impact on them. It is surely not too much for those saving for retirement to get fair treatment along with accurate and timely information.

"Perhaps less time should be spent on developing adverts with giant furry pension monsters, and more time on getting the basics right would avoid the monster mess the Work & Pensions Select Committee investigation highlights.

"Urgent action need to be taken by the Pensions Minister."


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