Saga comments on Cridland review that suggests state pension age increases should be accelerated

Monday 1 January 0001

An independent review, lead by John Cridland, recommends that the state pension age should increase to 68 by 2039 and the triple lock guarantee should be scrapped during the next Parliament, an independent review recommends. Commenting on the Proposals, Saga director Paul Green said,

"The fact that people are living longer healthier lives is to be welcomed and linking the state pension to longevity is sensible.

"The real prize is allowing flexibility. Retirement is no longer a cliff edge decision, it has become more of a stroll down to the beach - so enabling people to take part of their pension to fit in with their plans to unwind from paid work would be a huge benefit.

"Retaining the life skills and experience of older workers is key if the economy is to thrive as age-diverse workforces perform better than mono-cultures."


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