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Mukuni Village

Village children

Mukuni Village

Locals catch-up while gathering water

Mukuni Village

Lunchtime at Mukuni

Mukuni Village

School pupils outside the boys boarding shelter

The Saga Charitable Trust continues to enjoy a successful relationship with registered charity 'The Butterfly Tree', who we have been working with in the Mukuni chiefdom since 2007. We recently collaborated on the building of two sleeping shelters and the provision of bunk beds for the Mukuni village school, which were completed in 2013. Many pupils were travelling huge distances on foot to get to and from school, so being able to stay there during the week means they have more time to study and are provided with a safe and secure environment. It also means that children with physical disabilities, who could not make the daily journey to and from the school, can also now attend and stay at the shelters during term time.

We are currently supporting a two year malaria prevention programme run by the Butterfly Tree in the Mukuni chiefdom. New anti-malarial products are being purchased and will be distributed alongside malaria prevention workshops. These new products come in the form of a paint, used to coat walls and furniture, and granules that are placed in mosquito breeding grounds to kill the insects. This programme started in 2004 and we look forward to hearing how it progresses over the next two years.

 Saga Charitable Trust visits Mukuni



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