Mukuni Mukuni Lunch time Daily water collection

Mukuni Village

Village children

Mukuni Village

Locals catch-up while gathering water

Mukuni Village

Lunchtime at Mukuni

Mukuni Village

Daily water collection

Near the town of Livingstone and the thunderous Victoria Falls, lies Mukuni village which is at the heart of the Mukuni chiefdom and home to Chief Mukuni himself.

For the past four years the trust has provided funds to support the malaria programme in the Mukuni Chiefdom. Mosquito nets, malaria testing kits and educational workshops have been effectively put to use. This has proved to be highly successful in reducing the number of new cases of malaria.

A simple health centre serves around 8000 people from Mukuni and surrounding villages and the Trust has funded facilities for the centre as well as their new maternity clinic.

This year the trust has also donated funds to build a bore hole in Mukuni Village. With the dry season lasting for six months water shortage is a major issue. The bore hole will provide safe, clean drinking water, irragation for vegetables and help to improve hygiene.

Another project has been to fund a shelter for pupils who have to walk long distances to school. The older children now have the use of a concrete structure to enable them to stay at the school during the week; this will improve the quality of life and education for these vulnerable children.

Saga's contribution to both the Butterfly Tree and the Mukuni Chiefdon has been considerable and has helped to save lives as well as improving the health and education standards.

Saga Charitable Trust visits Mukuni



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