Women's Empowerment Programme

Women's Empowerment Programme Women watching over the crops

Women's Empowerment Programme

The Women's empowerment group with former SCT Director, Janice Lee

Womens Empowerment Programme

Women watching over the crops

In conjunction with the Organisation for Community, Child and the Environment (OCCED) the Trust funded a programme to empower rural women near the town of Pokhara, Nepal in 2010-11.

Located in the small town of Puranchaur a group of 24 women took part, many of whom had no source of income at all or undertook manual labour on roads and construction sites.

The programme included training in literacy, skills development, micro-enterprise and marketing over a 12 month period.

The literacy classes were very successful and all the participants left the course being able to read and write basic Nepali which they couldn’t do before. Following the en dof our funding the group was formally established as a co-operative and receives ongoing mentoring support and guidance from OCCED.


Make a difference

The Saga Group Ltd covers all the UK overheads and administrative costs of the Saga Charitable Trust, so that every penny donated makes a real difference to underprivileged communities in the developing world.