EMMS International

The Trust is working with EMMS International throughout 2015-16, to provide funding for vital medical equipment at Chhartarpur Hospital in Madhya Pradesh. Services provided by this hospital reach over 129,000 mothers and children under 5 every year, both in the hospital itself and through large community outreach projects.

Many women in this state are left out of decisions concerning their own health, have little or no access to health education and often give birth from as young as 13 years of age, all leading to high rates of complications for both mothers and babies. Simple cost effective interventions, like baby warmer units, can help prevent unnecessary deaths.

Equipment to be purchased with Trust funds includes baby warmer and phototherapy units for the neonatal ICU, and an ultra sound monitor and several multipara monitors for the labour and post-operative ward. We look forward to hearing how this equipment positively impacts the mothers and babies at the hospital.

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Phototherapy units in Chhartarpur Hospital