The Trust worked with the organisation Haller to help poor rural communities around Mombasa become self-sufficient through sustainable farming and agriculture.

The first phase of our funding built a rain fed dam for the remote Mitedi community that had been plagued by drought. This extended their growing cycle by around nine months and provided access to clean and safe water. The second phase enabled the community to undertake a Trust funded farmer training programme which enabled them to maximise the yield from their land and learn long-term sustainable farming techniques.

In March 2015 a project grant was awarded to part fund the installation of solar panels at the Haller run Nguuni Education Centre and Health Clinic, to give both establishments a reliable electricity supply for the first time. The installation of all 26 panels was completed in July 2015. This means classes are no longer disrupted by power outages and refrigerated medicines can be stored safely in the clinic. A great result!

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