Early Childhood Development Centres

Working with CECD, a highly respected organisation based in Cape Town, South Africa, the Saga Charitable Trust has been able to help ensure quality care and education for young children, particularly those living in areas of neglect and poverty. CECD provides training, support and mentorship for local schools and also helps to source funding for crèches in the most deprived areas of the Ottery community.

Our funded projects have provided for an upgrade to the infrastructure and educational resources at Little Rascals Daycare Centre after a fire damaged their building and equipment, as well as provision of educational resources for several other Early Childhood Development (ECD) centres. We have also funded the training of twenty local teachers, improving the quality of educational programmes for hundreds of children.

These centres have now been able to complete the necessary registrations to obtain ongoing government subsidies, meaning the centres can continue to provide essential care and education whilst looking forward to sustainable and independent futures.


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