Nokhanyo Educare Centre

The Trust first started working with a small nursery called 'Nokhanyo', based in the township of Khayelitsha, near Cape Town, in 2003.

At that time around 30 children were being looked after by a local woman in her small shack with very basic facilities. Thanks to funds raised on the 2004 Saga Rose World Cruise, a new building was erected and training was provided for the Principal and support staff. 

Further funds raised on board Saga cruises enabled the building to be extended to create additional space and facilities, with a kitchen that now provides hot meals for the children.

The Trust then partnered with the Centre for Early Childhood Development (CECD) to provide ongoing mentoring support and training for Nokhanyo and to help the Principal link with the relevant government departments. We are delighted that Nokhanyo is now fully registered and receiving government subsidies, which will ensure a sustainable future.


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