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Dating a Cancer woman

Lorna Cowan / 17 March 2016 ( 29 March 2019 )

Is she a Cancerian? The Cancer female intuitively knows when she’s found the perfect partner. Find out what it’s like to date a Cancer woman.

Cancer female
Be careful what you say to the sensitive Cancer female.

22 June – 22 July
Water sign

Characteristics of a Cancer woman

Pay attention to the Cancer female. She’s incredibly sensitive and tuned into her emotions, and has amazing intuition too. She’s the person who’ll predict the phone is about to ring, the woman who instinctively knows when a friend or family member is worried about something. 

A Cancer woman gets powerful good – and bad – vibes, and if she feels uncomfortable about going somewhere, you won’t be able to budge her. Home really is where her heart is – and the place she feels most at ease.

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The Cancer woman in love

With the Cancer woman it’s all about trust. She needs to make sure that any potential partner is reliable and trustworthy before she’ll allow herself to fall for them. And sadly, it’s this fear of infidelity that often prevents her from finding true love. 

However, with the right committed person, the Cancer female will enjoy exceptional tenderness and long-lasting happiness. If you’re that person, be prepared to open up and express your emotions. Keep the relationship intense.

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How to date a Cancer woman

Be careful what you say to the sensitive Cancer female. Every sentence will be dissected and analysed so don’t make a comment on a whim that could be misinterpreted. Even if something was said with the best of intentions, she’ll linger over your every word. Simply keep her reassured your relationship is on track.

Use your memory and remember her likes and dislikes. You’ll earn brownie points if some months further down the line you buy her a book by her favourite author or a bag by her favourite designer.

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How NOT to date a Cancer woman

Don’t criticise your Cancer date, or anyone in her family. She may rant about her annoying sister, but that doesn’t give you permission to do the same. Years on she will remember any remark you’ve made, and she’s not one to let bygones be bygones.

Also refrain from dishing out advice. She’s paranoid enough without thinking that a loved one believes she can do things in a better way. If she’s got a choice to make, get her to talk through her options, and steer her in one direction – but make her feel that she’s in control.

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The perfect date

The Cancer female is at her happiest when she’s safe and secure in her own home, so there’s no need go anywhere else. Helping her organise a dinner party or barbecue for friends and family is her idea of wonderful.

Or as she’s sentimental, arrange for her to go somewhere that holds fond memories. Revisit the town she grew up in, the place she spent holidays, the park where she enjoyed childhood picnics – and listen to all her special stories.

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Cancer females are best matched with a Taurus, who can provide the stability they yearn for. Those born under Taurus are also known for being trustworthy and loyal, so yet more boxes are ticked. An intense friendship could develop with a Libra, but for this to develop into something more, Libra would need to cut down their flirting tendencies.

With a Sagittarius there will be no love lost – the Cancer female wants to set up a forever home, the Sagittarius never stays in one spot for long.

Famous Cancer females: Kellie Bright, Fern Britton, Cheryl Fernandez-Versini, Meryl Streep, Debbie Harry


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