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Dating a Leo man

Lorna Cowan / 19 February 2016 ( 24 February 2020 )

The Leo male can be a beast, but he’s bowled over by beauty. Find out what it’s like to date a Leo man.

Leo male
When in love, there is nothing the Leo man won’t do to protect the person of his affection

23 July – 22 August
Fire sign

Characteristics of a Leo man

Does the Leo male have some sort of magical magnetic force? Everyone certainly seems attracted to him and boy, does he love being the centre of attention. You can see why he has all these admirers though – the Leo man is witty, entertaining and very generous. He’ll not think twice about spending money on himself, or his friends, if it gets him noticed. In fact, he’ll be first in the queue to buy the latest gadget and gizmo, then first to show it off. Never seen alone, he craves constant company – mainly to hide his inner self-doubt.

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The Leo man in love

Striving to be king of the jungle, the loyal Leo wants to be hailed a hero. And when in love, there is nothing he won’t do to protect the person of his affection. If you’re fortunate to be that individual, you’ll also see a rare side to this star sign. Underneath all the bravado, there’s a sensitive soul lurking, someone who needs regular reassurance.

The Leo male won’t just choose anyone to be by his side, though – like everything in his life, he only goes after the best. So if you’ve got it, flaunt it and lure him in!

How to date a Leo man

He wants to be adored, so do just that. And quickly. You won’t have been the only person to notice the handsome good looks of the Leo male. Ask him on a date before anyone else does.

For it to be a success, pull out all the stops. Be attentive, sophisticated, responsive to his witty repartee, and this is one occasion where you must don your glad rags. Wow him over and watch him beam as he notices everyone else staring too. He’ll love that others are admiring his date – and they’re maybe a little jealous too.

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How NOT to date a Leo man

At times you may be tempted to cut a Leo’s ego down to size, but it’s just not worth it. When he’s given an audience, he will perform – often the same old anecdotes – so simply grin and bear it. Laugh when prompted. Bask in his popularity. Enjoy it.

And try to keep the green-eyed monster under control. It’s tough not to feel threatened by his other close friendships, and the way he flirts openly, but you’ll have no reason to be jealous. His public displays of affection are for show only.

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The perfect date

It’s extravagance all the way when you date a Leo man. He likes to spoil and be spoilt, so ask the maitre d’ for the best table in the house, tell the wine waiter to bring Champagne, and if there’s a dancefloor, be first on it. Actually, the Leo male would prefer you to be the only couple on the dancefloor – he never wants to share the spotlight.

Another good option would be a day at the zoo or a trip to the circus. Being macho all the time takes its toll, so allow his childlike playfulness to shine through.

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A Leo male will often find long-lasting love with a Libra, who shares his appreciation of the finer things in life. But this couple will need to watch their spending as beauty comes with a hefty price tag. Dating a Cancer can work too, as they’ll happily let the Leo take control.

Two Leos together will compete to be head of the pride. And Leo will only annoy the thrifty Capricorn, splurging their hard-earned cash.

Famous Leo males: Usain Bolt, John Partridge, David Walliams


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