Video - how to grow blackcurrants

By Tom Petherick

Watch as acclaimed gardener, Tom Petherick gives detailed instructions on planting blackcurrants
How to grow blackcurrants

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  • Blackcurrant jam

    Blackcurrant jam recipe

    Are you lucky enough to have a glut of blackcurrants? Try this luscious blackcurrant jam recipe.

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  • Redcurrants

    Q&A: I would like to grow currants. Which do you suggest?

    Redcurrants (Ribes rubrum) are the easiest currants to grow because they don’t demand high levels of moisture like their close relative the blackcurrant (Ribes nigrum), writes Val Bourne.

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  • Strawberries

    Many shop-bought strawberries lack flavour. How easy is it to grow your own?

    Val Bourne on how to get a succulent, scented crop of the nation's favourite berries.

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  • Growing blueberries in pots

    Growing blueberries in pots

    Blueberries are ideal for containers – they need an acid soil and you can provide this far more easily if you grow them in a pot rather than in the open ground.

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  • Fig tree

    How to grow figs

    Are figs difficult to grow, asks a reader.

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  • A Victoria plum at Blackmoor Nursery

    Are plums difficult to grow?

    Saga gardening expert, Val Bourne advises on the best varieties to grow in the UK, plus tips on planting, pruning and protecting plums from diseases.

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  • Blackberry 'Reuben' from Hargreaves Plants

    Gardening Q&A: how to grow blackberries

    I would like to grow a blackberry and a loganberry, but I’m not sure whether my soil is suitable, or what to grow?

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Video - how to grow blackcurrants

Watch as acclaimed gardener, Tom Petherick gives detailed instructions on planting blackcurrants