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Food, garden and people news and features

  • Friday 21 August 2015

    TV Review - All Creatures Great and Small

    TV critic Benjie Goodhart takes a look at this week's highlights, including World Athletic Championships and World's Busiest Railway. Read On
  • Thursday 20 August 2015

    How to create a contemporary garden

    Gardening expert Martyn Cox explains how you can transform even the smallest garden into a low-maintenance contemporary space. Read On
  • Friday 14 August 2015

    Film review: The Man From U.N.C.L.E.

    Saga film critic David Gritten reviews The Man From U.N.C.L.E., and wonders if it will find favour with those who recall the 1960s TV series. Read On
  • Thursday 13 August 2015

    Top tips for ripening tomatoes

    With her tomatoes now ripening on the vine, Tiffany Daneff shares her tips for caring for them. Plus, a visit to Dan Pearson's garden at Compton Verney provides inspiration. Read On
  • Tuesday 11 August 2015

    Life after divorce

    Going through a divorce can be a rollercoaster ride, but once the dust settles there could be more opportunities than ever for you to achieve all the things you felt you couldn’t do while you were in your marriage. Read On
  • Monday 10 August 2015

    Pairing tall perennials with late-season grasses

    Gardening expert Val Bourne recommends the best tall perennials to partner with late-season grasses. Read On
  • Monday 10 August 2015

    Mary Berry's leek and potato soup

    A good home-made soup tastes so much better than a bought one, and this is quick and easy to make. It freezes well too. Serve with chunks of crusty bread for a homely lunch or supper, or swirl in a little extra cream for an elegant first course. Read On
  • Wednesday 5 August 2015

    Garden jobs before going on holiday

    Going on holiday? Here’s Tiffany Daneff's list of key things to do in the garden before going away. Read On
  • Wednesday 5 August 2015

    TV box set review: Saboteurs

    David Gritten reviews The Saboteurs, a thrilling World War II TV mini-series in six parts, now on DVD, set in Norway’s icy wastes. Read On
  • Wednesday 5 August 2015

    Homemade summer cup recipe

    If you love the taste of Pimm's, why not try this recipe for a homemade summer cup? It's ideal to share with friends during a summer barbecue.
    Read On
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