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Food, garden and people news and features

  • Monday 3 November 2014

    Win T-Rex - The Vinyl Collection box set

    Fans of Marc Bolan and T.Rex are in for a treat this Christmas with the Demon Music release on November 3, 2014 of T.Rex – The Vinyl Collection, an eight-album box set with an RRP of £129.99. We have two sets to give away. Read On
  • Wednesday 29 October 2014

    How to grow blackcurrants

    The best blackcurrant varieties to grow, plus, growing and pruning tips. Read On
  • Tuesday 28 October 2014

    Leek, white bean and smoked haddock stew

    This hearty stew could just as easily be classed as a chunky soup. Leeks and smoked haddock are the perfect bedfellows; however you could also try this dish with some lightly smoked mackerel, kippers or even smoked chicken or ham. It’s really easy to prepare and uses very few ingredients. Read On
  • Monday 27 October 2014

    Robert Gustaffson Q&A

    Robert Gustafsson, star of The Hundred-Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out of the Window and Disappeared on becoming Allan Karlsson in the film adaptation of the bestselling novel. Read On
  • Friday 24 October 2014

    How to protect your home in winter

    Many families will assume that repairs for winter weather damage to your home will be covered by their home insurance policy – but that's not always the case. While damage is often unavoidable, there are precautions you can take to minimise the risks from severe weather and protect your home.
    Read On
  • Wednesday 22 October 2014

    The best varieties of raspberries to grow

    If you could only grow one variety of raspberry, which should it be? Gardening expert Val Bourne advises on the best summer and autumn fruiting varieties to grow. Read On
  • Tuesday 21 October 2014

    Jeremy Paxman interview

    Baby-boomers are grasping hedonists and pensioners should be bumped off... Jeremy Paxman may have left Newsnight after 25 years of lambasting politicians, but he’s still as spiky as ever. Scratch the surface however, especially on Remembrance Day, and a surprise emerges – a natural-born historian, full of love for Britain and respect for its wartime past of patriotism, sacrifice and duty. Read On
  • Tuesday 21 October 2014

    Marianne Faithfull

    Marianne Faithfull is off on a European tour with a new album. Maureen Paton finds out what keeps this Sixties wild child rocking. Read On
  • Tuesday 21 October 2014

    Win a Donna Summer boxset

  • Tuesday 21 October 2014

    Theatre, dance, arts and other events

    A round-up of things to see and do in November 2014. Read On
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