OMG!!!!! Saga launches teenage translator app. It’s well jokes

By Saga correspondent, Wednesday 7 December 2011

Do you know your ding from your bling? Your butterz from your crutterz? In the eyes of a teen, are you ream or radio? Ever wondered what LOL actually means?

Well, wonder no more. Over-50s group Saga has come to the rescue with an app that translates hundreds of slang words and phrases used by teens. So now you’ll actually be able to understand what your children and grandchildren are on about.

Named ‘Woteva’ (a favourite among the teen species), the app enables users to search or scroll through a dictionary of 500 words and their meanings. An audio function speaks aloud many of the words, enunciated in perfect RP to ease the translation process. Propa bo.

Plus, users can share the app with their frenz (or bluds, if you will) by texting, emailing or posting their favourite words to Facebook and Twitter. Although please note, this may cause extreme embarrassment to your offspring. In their eyes, this would most probably not be nang (look it up). So, why not humiliate them further and upload your own words to the app, via the ‘submit an entry’ function?

Download the Woteva app on your iPhone today to find out what makes it so awesome/radicoli/dark (OK, OK, we’re just showing off). It’s FREE too so you don’t need to part with any moolah (OK, we’ll stop now).

Our 10 faves

Dissociative Facebook identity disorder - Someone whose Facebook image and real life image is completely at odds

Geekstress - A female geek. These can be very intimidating to teenage boys, especially attractive ones

Googleheimer's disease - You know what you want to search for on Google, but by the time you reach your computer you have completely forgotten what it was. Who are you again?

Hiberdating - Someone who suddenly drops all their other friends when they start dating

Hot mess - Someone who is flustered, dishevelled and maybe short of time but radiates a certain sensuality

Meaty - Good. “That track is meaty, dude.” Seldom applied to vegetarian dishes, however tasty – teens don't tend to do irony

Powerpuff presentation - A presentation that is full of animation and fancy graphics but completely devoid of any substance

Premake - The original version of a song that a modern band has remade or redone. The teen will often doubt the existence of the premake

Woteva QR codeScreen saver - The blank and sometimes blissful expression that sometimes comes across a person's face when daydreaming

Woteva - Whatever – a catch-all phrase often signifying reluctant agreement

Click here to download the free app now, or simply scan the QR code to the right using your smartphone (you'll need to download a free QRReader app to do this if you don't already have one)

Geeks and geekstresses, share this page with your frenz by clicking the social networking icons at the top of the page.


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  • Lyn John

    Posted: Wednesday 08 May 2013

    Wossan Android wot evryone's on about?

  • Alastair

    Posted: Tuesday 20 March 2012

    You must be showing your age... not only do you think that all smartphones are iPhones but you didn't make it clear on the article that it was only for iPhones. Come on chaps!! Get a grip. Android. Android. Android.

  • Jaxter

    Posted: Tuesday 07 February 2012

    Hold a heavy, clunky iPhone and then a slim, light Samsung Galaxy - Android app, please.....-

  • Danielle Phillpott

    Posted: Wednesday 18 January 2012

    Hi everyone, It's Dani here from the marketing team at Saga. Thanks for all the comments regarding the Woteva app. There have been a few requests for a)an Android version & b)a desktop version to be accessed via a normal PC/laptop. Whilst it looks unlikely that we will release an Android version, we ARE looking into how we can make the list of words available online for those without smartphones.... so watch this space...In the meantime, the app can be downloaded for FREE on an iPhone/iPad

  • Andrew Johnson

    Posted: Sunday 25 December 2011

    I strongly agree with Paul, I-phone is not the only smart phone on the market, there are smarter ones like the Android driven phones,so how about giving us the chance of having the apps. You probably have more users of the Android, and don't forget we maybe over 50 but we are still savvy to the digital evolution
    Peace out and a merry crumbling to allowing

  • C

    Posted: Friday 23 December 2011

    Saga is a unbeatable way of booking holidays.

  • Robert

    Posted: Friday 23 December 2011

    I agree with 'CDM' and 'Puzzled' I don't have (or want) an iPhone and an iPad is beyond my means, so please will you release a laptop version (perhaps in PDF format) so that I can keep up to date with the young?

  • trudie

    Posted: Friday 23 December 2011

    Now I am usually able to manage Computers etc. - but where on earth can I download the Woteva ????

  • Philip Harfleet

    Posted: Friday 23 December 2011

    Unlikely that you'll get many, if any, customer reviews of this woteva app. The iPhone is far too pricey and thus not something that most Saga members would bovva wiv (sic). A simple download to a laptop or pc would make much more sense.
    Wake up Saga - don't waste time with expensive moby stuff.

  • PaulW

    Posted: Friday 23 December 2011

    Agree with comments made by Paul. Android 1st - well before iPhone. One in four people in the UK have an Android phone, and the numbers are growing. WOTEVA needs to be on Android to reach the masses Dude! Merry Xmas! :)

  • John Ferguson

    Posted: Friday 23 December 2011

    This is great for the brain dead. Do you really think everyone over 50 is so out of touch? Funny? About as funny as a mouthful of dimps

  • Peter Tysoe

    Posted: Thursday 22 December 2011

    How about an Android version?
    Not everyone has (or wants!) an iphone!

  • Brian Sackett

    Posted: Thursday 22 December 2011

    Please could you arrange for this to be made available to us old fashion computer users; would love to try and keep up with my grand children. imagine the look of surprise on their faces if i could maybe speak on their terms

  • Derek

    Posted: Monday 19 December 2011

    Wots an APP ?

  • CDM

    Posted: Saturday 17 December 2011

    Is there any way that WOTEVA can be downloaded to a laptop - the expense of an iPhone or android is unfortunately out of my reach but I would love to know what my grandchildren are talking about!!

  • Helen Shipway

    Posted: Friday 16 December 2011

    When I was a kid growing up in Birmingham, something 'great' was described as "bostin'". It then became 'cool'. Good things later became 'bad' and NOW I hear my teenage son calling everything 'beast'!! I am struggling to keep up, and starting to sound like my mother!

  • Paul

    Posted: Sunday 11 December 2011

    Great idea but when will Saga get real. The i-Phone is far too expensive and Android phones are taking over. They are much cheaper and will soon own a much larger share of the market than Apple. So when developing apps, think Android first, i-Phone second.

  • Puzzled

    Posted: Saturday 10 December 2011

    Please can WOTEVA (omg)copy be downloaded to a laptop I'd be interested to browse and give grandchildren a suprise. Thank you

  • Les Morgan

    Posted: Saturday 10 December 2011

    I don't have an iphone , only a computer - is there a way I can download the data?

  • Linda Toombs

    Posted: Saturday 10 December 2011

    I only use my mobile phone for emergencies and it doesn't have the facility for "Apps". Is there a version of "Woteva" I can download to my computer?

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