Dancing on Ice star Rosemary Conley talks to Saga

Friday 10 February 2012

Alphabet A At 65, Rosemary Conley is the second-oldest contestant ever to take part in ITV1’s Dancing On Ice. A self-made millionairess, she lives with second husband, Mike, in Leicestershire. Her daughter, Dawn, expects Rosemary’s first grandchild in the spring. What has she learnt from life?
Rosemary ConleyRosemary Conley

What I know about attitude

I hit rock bottom in 1986. My slimming clubs closed. I was divorced with a child and no salary. Just gallstones. In hospital, I saw an advert for a book, Power for Living, endorsed by Cliff Richard. I knelt by my bed and prayed that God would take control of my life. The effect was instant. It’s been an extraordinary journey ever since.

What I know about money

I’ve never lost the memory of struggling to make ends meet. Now, there are fewer nicer feelings than knowing that, when a bill comes through the door, I can pay it.

What I know about skating

As a child I used to slide around our polished floor in my socks. It’s funny, because I never actually got onto the ice until I was a pensioner. It’s a lot harder than I thought. My ambition is to do as well as Pamela Stephenson on Strictly. A total inspiration!

What I know about my body

I’m 5’ 2” and I’ve weighed eight stone for over 20 years. If you put on the pounds, it’s as though you’re carrying around a suitcase of excess weight. That will have an effect on your joints, your energy… People claim they get more tired as they age but I’ve more energy now than when I was 25 and weighed ten stone. Though I do wish I had a longer neck…

What I know about love

The key to a good marriage is to be realistic in your expectations and not to look for a Hollywood-style relationship. Marriage is about being supported when things are going wrong and holding hands in bed.

What I know about people

I’ve realised that we are a success or a failure depending on our confidence levels. So give confidence to anyone and everyone we love, work or play with. It’ll build your confidence, too, as it takes a self-confident person to compliment someone else.

What I know about staying young

I’m not holding myself up as some great example of staying young. Rather, it’s about maintaining facial muscle tone – and dressing to flatter our figure. I’d say, camouflage the worst bits and maximise your best features!

Dancing On Ice is on ITV1 on Sundays until March 25 2012

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