Saga Care at Home

“100% of our customers surveyed rated us good, very good or excellent”  

Customer Satisfaction Survey (February 2017)

Now available in selected areas in Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, Middlesex and Surrey.

Life is a collection of great moments. As we get older, or if we are less able, we sometimes need a little help to carry on doing the things we enjoy. But that shouldn’t mean having to leave your home, lose touch with your friends, or miss out on interests and hobbies.

Saga Care at Home provides quality companion care, dementia care, and other personal care services including shopping, meals, overnight care and much more.

Created and run by nurses and professional Carers, Saga has built a reputation as one of the leading home care agencies in the UK. 

Available  Type of care descriptions
Day-to-day personal care Get help with dressing, bathing and personal hygiene, and /or look for ways to make these routines more comfortable.
Companionship Perhaps someone to talk to? We can be there for a chat and a catch-up over a cup of tea.
Housework Keep the house spick and span – we can help with any general domestic duties, including cleaning and laundry.
Overnight care We can be there at bedtime and overnight, either on a regular basis or as and when we are needed. We can help with getting in and out of bed, managing pain relief and assisting them with repositioning.
Time out for carers Sometimes you or your family may need a break too. We can offer respite care by running errands, making meals or simply helping out around the house.
Meals and shopping Whether it's help with planning meals, making a shopping list and doing the shop, or cooking for them and cleaning up afterwards, we can do whatever is needed.
Live-in care When the care need is more than a visit, we offer a live-in carer. They live in the client’s home to help provide 24-hour care, if necessary.
Couples live-in care Couple care is an affordable, and less disruptive, alternative to care home support allowing couples to stay together if they need extra support.

We are Passionate About Home Companion Care

To provide the level of premier home care you deserve, we make sure our live-in caregivers are properly looked after, too.

Our carers are committed and, because they are fully salaried professionals, they’ll be around to build a relationship with you.

Our carers can always stay as long as you need them. When they are with you, they are focused on you.

We Put Your Loved Ones at the Heart of our Service

We know that no two people are the same and that is why we offer a complimentary care meeting to anyone interested in using our service.

Should you decide Saga Care at Home is the best care option, we will complete a full care assessment and provide a professional care plan, which takes into account:

  • Their physical and practical needs
  • Any dietary and health requirements
  • How they're connected to friends, neighbours and relatives
  • The area where they live in
  • The safety of their home
  • Their hobbies and interests
  • How they like to fill their day.

Working together, we can create the right package of care that will enable you to continue living life their way. Call us to discuss your care needs, 0800 145 5566.

What Our Customers Say

Below is just a small selection of comments from our customers about the service they received from Saga

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A selection of customer comments (February 2017)

"I am pleased and impressed with your service and I find the carers most cooperative and helpful."
"I have found the service invaluable with my post-op recovery.”
"I’m perfectly satisfied with your service."

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A selection of customer comments (October 2016)

“Overall the quality of care has been very good.”
“The standard of care we receive is kind and satisfactory.”
“I am happy with the service provided, All my carers have been very willing and understanding.”

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A selection of customer comments (July 2016)

“I am very impressed with the carers & feel the benefit of their help..”
“The quality of care my mum receives is excellent..”
“The carers were excellent... I would strongly recommend Saga.”

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A selection of customer comments (April 2016)

“We haven’t been let down in any respect and have found the carers to be very good.”
“Couldn’t live in the house without the support of the carers. Very good service.”
“Very happy overall with the service the carers provide.”

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A selection of customer comments (January 2016)

“Saga is the best care company I have had.”
“A cheerful and efficient service provided on each visit.”
“Carers always willing to help. V Polite and caring.”