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  • Wednesday 26 November 2014

    How to have a healthier Christmas

    Overindulging is part and parcel of Christmas but it can lead to the misery of having to diet all the way through January. Avoid that by choosing more carefully and you won’t have to add ‘lose weight’ to your New Year resolutions. Read On
  • Friday 21 November 2014

    Is there a link between marriage and weight gain?

    Diet and wellbeing blogger Judith Wills wonders whether her long, happy marriage could be the cause of her weight gain. Read On
  • Wednesday 19 November 2014

    Psoriasis treatment

    Most people with psoriasis use topical treatments, such as lotions that you smooth onto your skin. There isn’t a cure for psoriasis, but once you find the right treatment for you, it should improve the condition of your skin and make you feel more comfortable. Read On
  • Tuesday 18 November 2014

    Psoriasis causes and triggers

    There are a number of causes that may be linked to the onset of psoriasis, and many factors that may affect subsequent 'flare ups'. We take a look at some of the most common. Read On
  • Friday 14 November 2014

    The five most important lifestyle changes for a healthier life

    Diet and wellbeing blogger Judith Wills looks at some long-term research investigating the five best lifestyle changes you can make for a longer, healthier life. Read On
  • Monday 10 November 2014

    Winter health

    Seasonal changes in temperature and weather can prove hazardous to your health. Find out which health issues you’re at higher risk of this winter. Read On
  • Friday 7 November 2014

    Foods to fight inflammation

    Diet and wellbeing blogger Judith Wills shares her anti-inflammatory diet tips, and provides a great recipe for a healthy chicken and tomato bake. Read On
  • Thursday 6 November 2014

    Eczema causes and triggers

    Factors that play a part in triggering a flare up of eczema vary according to the type of eczema a person has. Here we list some of the best known causes and irritants of eczema. Read On
  • Thursday 6 November 2014

    Varicose eczema: causes and treatment

    Varicose eczema is particularly common in older people - reports suggest that 20% of those aged over 70 are affected by it. We take a look at the causes and treatment. Read On
  • Thursday 6 November 2014

    Eczema symptoms

    Eczema, also known as dermatitis, comes in different forms, with varying symptoms ranging from reddened, dry patches to skin to dampness, weeping and even bleeding. Read On
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