April 27, 2011: An unsuccessful attempt at chocolate evasion

By Judith Wills, Wednesday 27 April 2011

Alphabet I I was so caught up with my three-month results I forgot to mention the weekend
Judith WillsJudith Wills

Every year, I say to Tony that I don’t want any chocolates, chocolate eggs, chocolate bunnies or ANYTHING to do with chocolate for the Easter weekend. Every year, he thinks I’m kidding, and buys them anyway. I AM NOT KIDDING! If they are not in the house, I don’t eat them. I don’t even think about them. My idea of a great egg is an organic one (or two), scrambled.

What is it about chocolate – once you start, you have to carry on until you feel almost sick (well, I do). One square or one choc from the box is never enough... but I DON’T LIKE chocolate. I don’t have a sweet tooth. I don’t. I don’t even like chocolate puddings or desserts. The only chocolatey thing I like is a decent chocolate chip cookie. But even so, I don’t eat them... well, very, very rarely.

Excuse all the capitals and the rant – but I’ve known my husband for about 40 years, and he STILL doesn’t believe me.

The result? I spent all weekend trying to evade opening the box he bought me (at huge expense, may I also add). Eventually had to succumb on Monday night after several hurt looks and mumbled asides to the cat – and you know the rest.

Twenty chocolates swallowed, none left, thank God for that. Now I can knuckle down and try to burn off the extra 1,400 calories or so that were in the dratted things. Having done virtually no exercise since Friday, either. (I was so exhausted by the stress of the three-month assessment I gave myself some ‘time out’. Not consciously – I just didn’t get round to doing anything.)

I’m not an ungrateful horrid old lady most of the time – honestly... I’m as cross with myself as with himself.

And I know for certain that they did not have boxes of chocolates 40,000 years ago...

Ps, Re: stone age diet – did it, more or less, for one week, shirked a bit over the holiday weekend, then am doing it again this week, and in a bizarre way quite enjoying it though like so many 'diets' It smacks a bit too much of 'fad' to me, with almonds and walnuts being OK but cashews and peanuts not OK for example...

I have cut back even further on carbs but haven’t cut them out completely. I get round the alcohol by counting one glass of wine as one portion of fruit!!!! But am going to add in more carbs next week and go back to my skimmed milk in tea.

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