Your choice of hospital

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Being able to choose a hospital from the Saga Countrywide Hospital List gives you complete control over where you want to be treated. Plus, being treated at an advanced medical facility in a supportive, professional environment can play an important role in helping you to recover.

Saga Hospital Locator

To find your nearest hospital or medical facility, use our Hospital Locator by entering your postcode or location.

Saga Countrywide Hospital List

Saga Health Insurance customers can choose to be covered with our Saga Countrywide Hospital List, which includes:

  • Private hospitals
  • Day-patients units
  • Scanning centres
  • Other private healthcare facilities
The hospitals included in the Saga Countrywide Hospital List will endeavour to make your stay as pleasant and comfortable as possible and include leading hospital groups such as Spire, Nuffield, BMI and all NHS hospitals with Private Patient Units.


Additional London Hospitals

For an additional cost you can add this option to your HealthPlan. Choosing this option extends the coverage of the Saga Countrywide Hospital List to include a further 10 hospitals in central London. You can select this option when getting a quote online or over the phone.


Fixed Fast Track

This is an alternative option to the Saga Countrywide Hospital List and selecting it will reduce your price. 

Selecting Fixed Fast Track means that when your GP decides you need to see a specialist and you want to make a claim, you must ask for an open referral. Our dedicated Fixed Fast Track Team can then help you book appointments for eligible treatment with the most appropriate consultant.

*Get your first two months free when you start your policy on or before 15 May 2018. You'll need to pay by monthly Direct Debit and hold your policy for 12 months.