Pre-existing medical conditions

At Saga, we recognise that as you get older, your medical needs change – our travel insurance is designed with this in mind. We cover many pre-existing medical conditions, which means if you suffer a flare up while you’re away, you’ll be insured for up to £10 million emergency medical treatment.

Other insurers may not provide cover for pre-existing conditions, and with treatment abroad being costly it is best to be properly covered. With Saga, you can focus on enjoying your holiday with the reassurance that you're adequately insured.

Saga Travel Insurance also includes:

  •     Up to £10 million emergency medical cover
  •     Our emergency medical cover also includes the cost of getting you home if medically necessary
  •     Up to £1,000 (£25 a day) for associated expenses during your stay in hospital
  •     24 hour travel assistance helpline before and during your trip.

24 hour travel assistance helpline

In the unfortunate event that you fall ill or become injured whilst away, our friendly UK-based travel assistance helpline is available 24/7. Our team can help you locate the nearest doctor or hospital and give you advice about whom you need to contact.

Medical advice before you go

For advice about how to properly prepare before your trip and also information about the European Health Insurance Card, visit our health information page.

*93% of Saga Travel Insurance customers who had a quote between 1 December 2016 and 28 February 2017 would receive a 20% online discount. Discount may be withdrawn at any time and applies to the first year only.