The Saga guide to grandlording

Around 10% of people over 50 are now reaping the rewards of owning buy-to-let properties*. Becoming a ‘grandlord’ can be a very attractive proposition especially as, on average, you could make nearly £700 profit a month by letting a property. But as financially rewarding as grandlording can be, taking on tenants can bring with it a range of emotional, financial and practical considerations. While many become grandlords willingly, some do so out of necessity having been left with no choice but to rent out spare rooms for extra income.

This guide is designed for new and experienced landlords alike, as well as those who are thinking about buy-to-let for the first time. It offers insights into the day-to-day practicalities of being a landlord, as well as outlining the advantages and downsides of rental property as an investment option.

Click here to download the guide.

*Research of 10,141 over 50s conducted by Populus on behalf of Saga Landlord Insurance, June 2015.

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