Contents insurance

The wide range of cover offered by Saga's contents insurance is designed to give you the confidence that your possessions are protected.

In addition to offering contents cover of up to £50,000 as standard, there are different cover levels to select from and a range of additional cover options.

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Contents insurance

Saga's contents insurance provides a wide range of cover for your possessions up to the value of £50,000. There are three levels of cover to choose from. Here is a guide to common mishaps that could happen to your possessions, and the cover level that could provide the most suitable protection.

Essential cover Essential Plus cover Premier cover

Your house is burgled and your camera, DVD player and jewellery are stolen**

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A thief gains access to your garden while you are away and takes your garden furniture

tick  tick  tick 

While moving your TV to another room, you trip and break it

tick  tick  tick 

You drop your mobile phone on the kitchen floor and break it

cross  tick  tick 

You inadvertently sit on your glasses in your home and break them

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You accidentally damage one of your valuables, such as a watch, whilst in your garden **

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A friend spills a glass of red wine on your sofa and it cannot be cleaned or replaced to match the existing chairs. You need the suite replaced

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**Valuables in the home over £2,500 need to be specified separately on the policy.

More information on what's covered in our contents policy can be found in our Summary of Cover, which can be downloaded from the Policy Booklets section.

If you require more than £89,000 cover for your contents please call 0800 015 0521 or see Saga TailorMade Home Insurance.

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