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7 reasons to visit Argentina

24 April 2015 ( 27 September 2016 )

If you’re considering a holiday to Argentina next year, here are our top reasons to add it to your holiday bucket list.

Caminito, a colourful street museum in Buenos Aires, Argentina
Caminito, a colourful street museum in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Argentina is a melting pot of cultures and experiences, from its bustling, European influenced capital Buenos Aires, to its Welsh cabins in exotic Patagonia and the calm of its very own lake district, this country is where the old world truly meets the new. 

If you’re considering a holiday to Argentina this year, here are our top reasons to add it to your holiday bucket list:

Eat Argentinian food

Food in Argentina has long had an excellent reputation because of its prime cut, quality beef. If you travel here, be sure to try the asado in Buenos Aires, which is the Argentinian form of BBQ, for some of the most decadent dining you’ll ever experience on holiday. 

Beef plays a key role in the cuisine of Argentina and the country’s main meat dishes include matambre arrollado, a thin cut of beef, plus empanadas, steaks like bife de costilla and locro stews.

Visit the city of Bariloche

The Argentina lake district is made up of azure pools surrounded by mountains and punctuated by towns with alpine inspired architecture. Bariloche is part of a region called Patagonia, which makes up a huge portion of Argentina. 

A holiday to South America would not be complete without a visit to this vast and incredible landscape, where you will be blown away by the views in both the winter or summer months. 

Stand atop peaks like Cerros Catedral and Shaihuenque and enjoy walking, fishing or skiing in the national park before relaxing in your hotel in the evenings. 

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Explore Parque Nacional Los Glaciares

As the name indicates, this is the Glacier National Park of Argentina, located in the southern part of Patagonia, and worth every minute of the journey. 

Scale the plateau and see some of the world’s largest glaciers, like the Perito Moreno Glacier, making their inevitable path through the mountains. 

If you’re lucky you might even see icebergs the size of skyscrapers shed from these monumental natural wonders of Patagonia.

Soak up arts and culture in Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires, the capital city of Argentina, is the bustling destination known for its nightlife, for gorgeous, tree lined avenues and for its European influenced architecture. 

Getting a taste of Argentina’s culture is most easily done in this fantastic city as you stroll through vibrant neighbourhoods like San Telmo, Palermo and the central areas of San Nicolas and Montserrat, where theatres abound. 

An experienced guide can take you on a tour of Buenos Aires on a South American Adventure, generally including a stop for lunch in a fine Argentina restaurant.

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Wonder at Iguazu Falls

Located part way between Brazil and Argentina, the Iguazu Falls mark the meeting point of nations, nestled in amongst protected rainforest. 

Making the trip out here on your holiday to Argentina is a must, as the falls are considered to be one of the seven natural wonders of the world, and are made up of roughly 275 different waterfall cascades. 

Some of our trips include a stay in hotels on either side of Iguazu Falls for a couple of nights, so you can experience it from both perspectives.


Drink Argentinian wine

Made from the rich grapes that thrive in Argentina and Chile, the full bodied wines of South America have built a reputation to rival that of Europe. 

With swathes of Patagonia dedicated to wineries, Argentina is one of the best places in South America, and indeed the world, to taste a glass of wine on holiday. Try a glass of Malbec, Argentina’s home-grown speciality red wine from Mendoza.

Travel south to Tierra del Fuego

The southernmost tip of Argentina, Tierra del Fuego, is the last point of the country and the place where intrepid travellers begin journeys to Antarctica. 

However, even if you aren’t setting off for the South Pole and are happy to have a slightly more relaxed holiday, the tail of South America is worth seeing for its snow-capped mountains, misty forests and the view that feels like you’re looking out towards the end of the world.

Experience Argentina for yourself on an escorted tour with Saga. 


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