Eligibility and cover

Our wide-ranging cover includes cover for most pre-existing medical conditions and no upper age limit. Friends and family of any age can be protected, even if they travel without you.

Are there any age limits?

Policyholders must be aged 50 or over. There is no upper age limit and other travellers added to your policy can be of any age.

Do I have to book my holiday through Saga?

No, we can offer cover no matter who you book your holiday with.

Do you cover one-way trips?

No, Saga only covers round trips that start in and return to the United Kingdom.

I live outside the UK, can I get travel insurance from Saga?

No, our policy only covers UK residents.

Will my travel agent accept a Saga Travel Insurance policy?

Yes, it is not compulsory to take out the insurance offered by travel agents or tour operators and you have the right to shop elsewhere if you so wish. However, they may ask you to prove that you have sufficient cover for the trip in question by asking for your policy number and cover details.

If I add my friends and family who are under 50 to the policy will they be covered under this insurance policy when travelling without me?

Yes, if they are listed on an annual multi-trip policy they can travel independently and still benefit from the same cover as you. This does not apply to single trip policies.

Can I change the policy excess?

No, the policy excess is standard and cannot be changed. Please see our summary of cover section for details of our excesses applied per claim.

Can I remove money & baggage cover to reduce the premium?

No, our policy covers money and baggage as standard within the overall price of the policy.

Am I covered for leisure activities and sports?

Our policy covers over 40 different activities as standard. See our leisure and winter sports activities for a list.

Can I extend my Annual multi–trip policy if I want to stay abroad over 45 days?

We are able to extend up to 90 days if you are travelling anywhere outside the U.S.A., Canada, Mexico or any Caribbean Islands. If travelling to these countries the maximum duration is 45 days or alternatively 120 days under a single trip policy.

What is Saga Travel Assistance?

Saga Travel Assistance is a helpline service that helps you sort out all kinds of travel problems before you go and while you are away, from information on the country you are visiting to advice and guidance on how to replace lost or stolen passports, luggage and travel documents.

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Eligibility and cover