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Does health insurance cover knee replacement surgery?

It’s important to know exactly what your health insurance policy protects you against – whether you’ve had a long illness or require surgery, or are just looking at the long-term in general, you and your provider should be agreed on your potential medical requirements.

Approximately 160,000 total knee and hip replacement surgeries take place each year in England and Wales, for a range of conditions including osteoarthritis, which causes wear and tear on your body’s joints – particularly knees and hips – due to the loss of cartilage in your joints over time.

You’ll likely need a full knee replacement if it's causing pain and loss of mobility on a daily basis, and is affecting your quality of life as a result. This procedure if performed privately without health insurance can be costly, with an average cost of over £11,000.

With Saga Health Insurance, you can benefit from prompt access to a specialist after referral from your GP, and if you do require treatment, you have the option to choose where this takes place from a wide choice of private hospitals across the UK. Treatment in a private hospital also allows you to recuperate in peace and privacy in your own private room. Some of our Saga HealthPlans also offer physiotherapy, to help your recovery.

Find out more about our Health Insurance

For more information about our knee replacement cover, simply call our friendly, UK-based advisers on 0800 015 0226.

Alternatively, you can get a quote online in minutes.