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Senior couple hiking along a trail in a forest


Senior man cycling away from camera in bike lane on the Embankment London
Health insurance

Cycling cities

From Norwich to Glasgow, Saga uncovers the UK’s most cycle-friendly cities, and the perspectives of different generations on cycling, all the way from Gen Z to those over 50 years old.

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Protecting what matters – Car insurance

An aerial view directly above an electric vehicle charging station with electric car charging in a parking space

Revving up for electric

As electric vehicles increase in popularity, Saga explores how familiar drivers are with EV road signs and symbols, examining those from Gen Z to over 50’s.

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Home insurance

Garden Tools in Garage

Garage Insurance

Does a home insurance policy include your garage contents? Read our garage insurance guide.

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Travel insurance

A mature couple arrive at a holiday villa

Do I need travel insurance?

If you’re wondering whether you really need cover for your next trip, our guide to dealing with medical problems abroad may help.

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Health insurance

A woman walking her dog in the countryside with her granddaughter

Healthy hobbies in later life

How can we rejuvenate our mental health and wellbeing as we get older? Our research suggests hobbies – and the natural world – hold the key.

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